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    IF EXISTS stored procedure

    I am using an If Exists statement to see if there is any data in the table. If there is it returns 1 and if not it returns 0. I am doing this so I can display an error message if the search was unsuccessful otherwise I need the data from the table to be returned so I can capture it in a dataset.

    This is the code I have so far in my stored procedure:
    	IF EXISTS(SELECT User_ID FROM dbo.User_Information 
    WHERE First_Name = @FirstName AND Last_Name = @LastName AND Email_1 = @Email)
    	RETURN 1
    How do I get it to return the information from the table?

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    if you first do the IF EXISTS SELECT, and it returns true, then you have to actually run the SELECT again in order to get the data, don't you

    therefore, don't do the IF EXIST, just do the SELECT, and then you can test the first row of the result in order to determine if there were any | @rudydotca
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