I have a part on my site where I use something like a clickthru.php script so that all clickthrus from my site to others get counted and put into a database plus it also hides the link to the external site.

I am giving quite a few clickthru's to other sites, but I have just had an email from someone that seems to keep getting errors.

When they click-thru from my site to another they get a forbidden error on the actually clickthru.php script page.

Unfortunately they do not have permission to access this page on my server. But they should be able to access it as it is just like a normal page, they don't need to have authorization to access it.

So I was wondering if changing the file permissions, would that work.

At the moment the file permissions are set to: 644 on the clickthru.php page. This is: -rw-r--r--

Do I need to change it to make them access it as I really need everybody to access every page on my site especially this one. If I don't then there is most likely to be more people like this one who are also having problems accessing it, which is then losing me money and visitors.