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    XML News Articles

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before.

    I have noticed on a lot of websites recently that they will have say 10 news articles, then a link to an RSS file.

    When that's viewed it's just basically all the news articles but in XML. How is this done? Does the person update the XML file and then the news automatically update?

    The reason I'm asking all this is I've just started looking into it and it looks very interesting. I've heard good things about XML and I'm dying to learn it.


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    The news articles are usually generated from a database, so obviously, the language you'd choose for that would be dependent on the type of database your news articles were stored in.

    If you're anxious to learn how to do this, I'd start with the XML tutorial on the W3Schools website. For specifics on the type of XML tags to use, read the documentation here. Finally, here is a sample script in PHP for generating a newsfeed.

    Hope this helps.
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