I am doing a really simple form, residing in a couple of tables. Each table has resident bg color to please the eye (ok, it's simple, but long!). To comply with CSS2, I have to include background colour in my definitions for td, p, th etc. I didn't wan't to rely on css completely for this form, as its very important that NS4.7 users can see it ok. When I set the background-color to "transparent" my stylesheet, in IE & Opera it does just that, it doesn't affect the inline table definition, leaves my table colour alone and the world is a happy place.

In NS6 however, the definition overrides the inline colour, meaning that the page background image is visable, making the form far less pleasant on the eye. Any ideas???? Leaving out the background-color in the stylesheet means it works, but I can't have the pretty css2 *tick* symbol