CASE tools... a must for every serious software developer. I'm wondering what kind of tools the rest of you use for project management (I know I know... i bring this topic up quite often.. just interests me I suppose).

Currently, I've been integrating the following into my projects with great success:

argoUML - this has been great for quickly drawing up class diagrams and kind of having a preemptive documentation approach... I try to describe methods and properties as much as possible, and it's easy to rework and analyze visual models, and the php code generation is awesome.

SimpleTest - I've gotten into a habit of writing unit tests for the classes and/or packages I've only modeled but haven't quite written the actual code... I am still working on getting some kind of automation scripts to check code out of repositories and unit test them nightly.

Subversion - I still can't believe that I used to rename files with silliness like .bak, .bak12-23-04, etc. With revision control, my team has been able to work on code without having to instant message someone and ask them if they have it open, or worry about breaking things permanently.

phpDocumentor - just because I know how to use a class and have it's method memorized, doesn't mean the next person does.

XDebug - great for backtracing errors.

Anything else? I know most of these can be dropped for other ones, like PHPUnit rather than SimpleTest, or Dia, Visio, Rational Rose, etc. instead of argoUML, but you get the gist of it.