its amazing how many people are just out to make a quick buck and not actually learn more or help others

Like I say I will not be selling any links in my sig as I now know it is not permitted. I am not the type to rock the boat and cause trouble.


I don't know how you can say that just cause someone wants to make a few bucks for placing some anchor text in there signature means they are not interested in learning or helping.

I personally come here for free and help others and try to get help when needed, because I like the place. I have learned alot here and I enjoy the members, helping others and alot of other things. I did not decide the other day "Gee I'll stop helping and learning at SP and just make money" I did figure that since I am gonna be here posting anyway, if I could make a few extra dollars while doing it that would just be a bonus. I though the net was advertising and money.

What about the advertisiments that SP has all over the site. Does that mean that they are just out to make a fast buck and are not interestred in helping or learning anymore?