Hey all,

I am working on getting my newsletter form working right and I would like to:
1. know how to make it so that when the link is clicked, a new fixed size window pops up with the form on it,
2. then when the form is submitted it opens the newsubscriber back in the same window they originally clicked from.

I think I have the first part pretty well worked out, but I don't know how to do the second part.

I set up my index page with a link to Newsletter2 on the right link column under Urban Firefly. Please note that I have been adding a smaller version of the form to several of my pages which does work right since it doesn't open a pop-up and just goes directly to the newsubscriber window, but I wanted to have this option for other pages where I don't have the sign-up box.

The link is on http://www.urbanfirefly.html.

I was browsing around in the forum and I found a resize code snippet, but I am unsure if it goes in the CSS for the page I am linking to, or from...

It is:
window.open('newsletter2.html', 'window', 'width=200,height=400,resizable=no');
( I named it newsletter2 for testing purposes...)

So I have two questions here:
1. Where does that snippet go?
2. How do I get the newsubscriber page to open in the original page that they linked from?

Oh yeah, and 3. Is this the right way to go about this?

If you want to test it, but not sign up, you do have to put at least " @. " in the email field, and at least something in the other fields. If you want actually to sign up, be my guest!

It has some other probs that I am HAPPY to take suggestions on as well!

If you think I should scrap this newsletter script altogether because it has other issues listed in another of my posts, then please feel free to tell me of a better one! This one does not store the info in a
database. It emails me, then I have to put it in my database...