I am building a guest user authentication system for guests on a php/mysql driven public website http://www.kripalushop.org/kripalu/interim_index.php3 and for staff on the intranet where the data for the public website is managed http://www.kripalushop.org/kripalu/kripaluonline/.

To protect the "Job Opportunity" data management page on the intranet http://www.kripalushop.org/kripalu/k..._login_hr.html I am using a simple php/mysql system that allows all users into one "secret area" depending on which page you put the php script. It does not define what areas are allowable for which users.

I am looking for a system that defines specific assess for individual users and groups. Ideally, something that integrates with Apache (1.3) web server's security modules. Apache has a mod_auth module that works with a text file and mod_auth_db and mod_auth_dbm modules that work with databases.

I understand from "Apache Server for Dummies" pg 129 that Apache also has mod_auth_msql that will allow you store web authorization information in a MySQL database along with other information such as addresses. Yet, I cannot find info on this module in Apache docs. http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/mod_auth.html.

Anyone know about this module, where to get info, or any PHP/MySQL system that will work with Apache 1.3 mod_auth?