I remember reading a thread about this not long ago, but I couldn't manage to find it so I thought I'd post up my disappointment at this feature.

I think it's a nice idea and all, but today I became extremely irritated at having to log in to my account from college just to be able to choose classic view. There is no option for guests to view the classic view (as far as I could see) anywhere on the forums index page.

I think it's a bit overbearing to try and force guests to use classic view. The featured view is good for exposing some interesting topics, as this is the reason it's there one would assume. It's a break from the norm I guess, but I only just noticed that there is a forums listing on the left-hand side! It gives me no indication of how active the forum is and no indication of what the forum is about other than the name.

I'm no usability expert but there is something majorly going wrong here if I, a long-time user of public forums, cannot find my way around the forums without being logged in.

- Dean