I have a guestbook application that uses a webform to enter into a MySQL database.

The entries from that database are displayed on another page, sort of like a guest book or bulletin board.

What I would like to do is instead of having their real email listed, I would like to assign them a temporary email that will forward to their real address, so that the initial responder does not see the real email address, i.e. my email would be changed to tab123456@domainname.com and when anyone sends email to that address, it is looked up in the db and then email is sent to the correct address. Does that make any sense?

This is exactly what http://www.craigslist.org does, and I have been looking all over for a script or an application or anything that will do that and I have had no luck. The closest I have found is a form on a website that will send email aa hidden email address based on an id.

Any help would be much appreciated!