I'm trying to build a portfolio site, but it's kind of complex and beyond my mysql knowledge. I can't find good examples to dissect to figure how to build a practical database based on the portfolio needs. Hopefully you can lend your hand, supply examples or point to the right direction. This site is a great example I had in mind: http://www.hydragraphik.com

Below is needs to build a database (all images will be store in the folders instead of upload them to the database:

-categories: print, web etc
-rollover thumbnail image (clickable thumbs to fetch and load a project-related)

-rollout thumbnail image (related to above rollover thumbnail)

project-related page:
-big image
-link(s) (related links to clients' sites)
-launch link (clickable to launch a related-website or bigger image/flash in new window)

-one or more rollover thumbnails (if have more than one big image above in the related-project and are clickable to launch a bigger image in a new window)

-mulitiple rollout thumbnails (related to above rollover)
-big images (related to above thumbnails)
-big images 2 (if have more than one big image above)
-big images 3 (same as above)

Hopefully I have explain everything clearly and appreciate any help in advance!