I am running a database driven Web site with PHP and MySQL. The site essentially consists of orders forms on a secure server where book buyers and order books from members of an authors co-op.

The HTML order pages are generated by MySQL. At this point, the results are posted to a logfile. Now, I need to use PHP to send information from the order forms to various places simultaneously. I need to:

1) Generate an email for the book's author containing the shipping information and other fields that are generated by the order form.

2) I need to do an HTTPS post to Authorize.net of several fields on the order form in order to automate the credit card processing.

3) I need to add the order to a MySQL "orders" database

4) I need to post a logfile of all the information to a secure site on the server.

I've managed to get pretty far in building the database-driven pages, but I can' figure out how to do multiple posts or embedded posts from one form.

Any tips?

Thanks much.

Greg R-L Authors@SignedCopy.com