Hi, could anyone offer some advice ref using SSI's to display the output from a MySQL database.

The scripts used are based on Kevin Yanks "Jokes" tutorial. What I am attempting to do with little success is to display the results of query within a certain part of a page constructed using SSI's.
Page structure uses a HEADER, NAV, MAINCONTENT and FOOTER SSI's.
A form which is located within the HEADER is used to search the database and I would like the results to be displayed within the MAINCONTENT section of the page.

What appears to be happening is that the MAINCONTENT is not dispaying the results as it appears to be returning the results of a query that has no perameters, so all that is displayed are the table headers which are static html.

Is it possible to refresh a php page as this may allow the specified query results to be shown. Alternatively can the output of a query be pointed to a particular page/script within the coding and not via an include.

If anyone can understand this your doing well, if you can provide an answer you must be truely talented!
Thanks in advance Kevin1

PS Scripts run fine when called without use of SSI's and the table structure of the SSI's is also OK!