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    Unhappy text field display in mysql


    I'm new to mysql and am trying to figure out why I can query so far almost all the information in my mysql database but can't figure out why I can't query and display the information for a text field that has a lot of text in it (several lines)?


    MyODBC-standard-3.51.9-win.exe (mysql 4.0.20d) just upgraded to (mysql control center)


    Software is of type varchar
    Solution is of type text

    if I write this, the information in Software is displayed on the web page but if I try to do the same with the field Solution, nothing at all gets displayed.

    Response.Write "<TR><TD>Software: " & objRecSQL("Software") & "</TD></TR>"
    Response.Write "<TR><TD>Solution: " & objRecSQL("Solution") & "</TD></TR>"

    I think this one I get to see some of the information but not all of it as if it's too long to fit, but I know it's there as I can see the entire information directly in the mysql conctrol center database.

    Response.Write "<TR><TD>Solution: " & Request.QueryString("Solution") &

    anyway I can see all of it or at least capture a line at a time so I can display it on my webpage?

    as you can see I'm extremly new at this and would appreciate any help at all.

    Thank You
    France :'( :'(

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    if you can see your data correctly in the control center, then you don't have a mysql problem, you have a vbscript problem, and this thread should really be moved to the ASP forum | @rudydotca
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