I was just wondering after having my site hosted on a shared web server for sometime, I am now changing it to a new company that offers dedicated hosting.

We while I am traferring my files over, I started thinking that the old web hosting company most probably has backups of my site and they can easily look at it and see the sites stucture.

Because of this, I have changed the databases name, but I was wondering that this won't really do anything. So I was then wondering if it would be best to also change the databases tables names aswell just incase they hacked my site or something for moving from them to another company.

Or should I just change the name of the file that includes the databases connection sql code.

I will either have to change the file of the connection script or the scripts tables or there could always be a chance of my old hosting company hacking my site.

I know that they most probably wouldn't hack my site, but you never know these things and it's better to consider these things just incase they did end up hacking my site.