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    my db structure looks like this

    table "questions"
    - questionID
    - questiontext
    - answer
    - class

    table "classes"
    -class (math, bio, history)

    So I have this list with all kinds of questions and i can sort them by class.

    Now, I have a form with a list of checkboxes next to each class. The user to selects the classes and specifys the number of questions he would like to see from each class.
    0 math [0] questions
    x bio [5] questions
    x history [2] questions

    therefore, my programstructure looks like this:

    while($i <= $nrclasses){
    $var = "classID$i";
    if(isset($$var)) {
    $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM questions WHERE questions.classID = '$i' LIMIT count");
    //---i'm stuck beneath this
    while ($temp = mysql_fetch_array($result)){}

    So my idea is to go to each class, select a number of questions from that class, and put these in one big php-array.
    And that is where i'm stuck.

    how can I go through each class, and transfer those questions in one big array?

    And how can i access them after that ?

    GreetingZ, Highvolt

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    //---i'm stuck beneath this
    while ($temp = mysql_fetch_array($result)){}

    If you will humour me, I would prefer use the variable name $row where you have used $temp.
    $row will be an associative array. It will contain the elements $temp["questionID"], $row["questionText"], $row["answer"] and $row["class"]

    Now the easiest thing to do is th create an array say $questions. Each element of the array $question will hold a "row" (a copy of the array $row). This will create a two dimensional array (which you can also think of as a table).
    PHP Code:
    while ($row mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    // add row as a new element in the array $questions
    $questions[] = $row;

    In fact, it appears that this could be simplified further to :
    PHP Code:
    while ($questions[] = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {}


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