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    Question iframes Issue-- Redirecting orphan pages in multiple iframes

    I have just started working with iframes and have found that search engines links take users to orphan pages rather then in their particular iframes on the homepage which contains those iframes. I have a website which is launched few days ago and now the client wants to do search engine optimization. I have three iframes on the home page which opens the heading of the page on the top iframe the title and some imagery on the left iframe and accociated text in the right iframe.

    My question is that how do i redirect users who are coming through some link to that orphan page to the home page in its assigned iframe in which it should open normally from the links on the homepage. Then also call the associated pages into other two iframes on the home page. e.g. If the page which contains all the text is being accessed through a search engine or any other sort of link. It should redirect the user to the home page and then open itself in its designated iframe and also call other two URLs in two seperate iframes which are also residing on the homepage.

    Please help.

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    I hav not checked this but something like

    if (parent.location!='requiredlocation.htm'){'requiredlocation.htm'



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