Just a foreword: I've searched for the answers and coded this page multiple times. I'm now humbly seeking some pointers before I have at building the layout again. It's not the easiest of layouts, and I am not as proficient in CSS as I am with design/graphics, but I must get this done ...

Let's start from scratch:

Here's a PNG compositing the basic elements as I would like them to be:

Here are some useful notes on the design to explain issues:

My first problem revolves around getting a background image on the right hand side (The off-white ornate vertical bar texture, 122x599 pixels) to tile vertically, but the window size clipping issue is ruining the effect, revealing the cutoff when scrolling. Common frustrating problem I bet!

The main portion of the site is a 800 pixel fixed-width and centered design, which requires an off-white flat color fill for the right hand side beginning after the 800 wide area, making the vertical tiling image look more seamless.

Furthermore, that vertical pattern is just within the confines of the 800px centered content area (678 pixels from left of where the centered element begins, to be exact), putting it at the mercy of that DIV's location for proper positioning. Assumably, using 'body' is futile in this circumstance. To give you a crude idea of what I mean about the pattern and the color fill and how it should look (done in a mix of divs and tables, feh):

The red disc image should draw above the pattern, but due to tables rendering last, it's not possible to correct this, so it is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

I also have a few other conditions, such as integrating a blosxom blog and multiple schemes/scheme swapping (requiring some formatting to be located in an external css), but I mainly point those out as a reminder, whether any of these additions will make or break the site based on any tips I am given... also, be mindful that the vertical tiling image is NOT the bottom-most item in the z-index!

I hope someone has some solutions. Thanks!