Iam having 2 buttons in html page. wheneach one is clicked it gets an data island and displays it in a table. Now i want to hide the table and show other table in the same palce when another button is clicked. Can you help me please.
here is my sample code
<input type=button name=click value=Site onClick="siteinit()">
<input type=button name=click value=job onClick="init()">
<xml async=false id=Data src="form2.asp"></xml>
<xml async=false id=jobxmlXSL src="test.xsl"></xml>
<div id=jobDiv></div>
<xml async=false id="siteData" src="form1.asp"></xml>
<xml async=false id="sitexmlXSL" src="test.xsl"></xml>
<div id=siteDiv></div>