Having read Skunk's thread,Extremely cool (and easy) way of creating 'search engine friendly' URLs for scripts, I decided that I would use this technique for the new design of one of my sites. Now that I've reached a point that the site is very nearly ready, I've run into a small problem. The way the site operates is basically that there is one page (template), and the content changes depending on the value of the pageid variable. The content pages are then included into the main template. At the top of each include page are two variables, the page title, and the meta tags.

What I was expecting to happen was for these variables to be passed from the included files to the main content page. Purpose being to give each page it's own title and meta tags. Annoyingly though these variables aren't being passed over to the main page. I thought PHP could do this, can it? Or am I just being stupid . . . again!

I hope that makes sense, any help is greatly appreciated.