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    I have a new marvelous problem.

    I have two tables

    rubrieken (id, title) and
    pages (id, txt, rubrieken)
    pages.rubrieken is a foreign key to

    Now the fun part starts...
    pages.rubrieken can have zero, one or more rubrieken.
    for instance; '1,23,48' (this also the way it is stored in the database)

    Now, when I delete an entry in table rubrieken
    ("DELETE FROM rubrieken WHERE id='$id'")
    I also want that particular removed from pages.rubrieken. But only that particular one... not the others.

    so for instance... when I remove '23' the pages.rubrieken would read; '1,48'

    Could someone help me with this problem? I don't know how to tackle this problem...
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