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    Cool Keyword Indexing Like Google, Ebay etc

    I need help with database indexing (am only a guru wanna-b, pls be soft on me). Ave got this application that I'm building with XML(SOAP) + MySQL(Ver4.1.9) + PHP(4.3.10) OOP + RH9 (wanna move it to Python some day ), tis a Marketplace Presell Engine (the first in my geographic region), leads prospects to quality products & services using advanced ( but easy to use ) search capabilities, including keyword stemming, natural language query, Boolean search, spellchecking etc ... problem is,
    (1) I want publishers (or content providers) to specify which keywords to trigger their ads|content in result. I mean like Google Adwords and Ebay do - using broad matching [exact matching] "phrase matching" -negative keywords, etc. What, where, how?.. .. Ave got an idea but .... Pls get me thinking smart!
    (2) Do I implement this in DB or application logic? Both!?
    Note: Performance is critical to me
    **If possible pls indicate your reference (i.e your source of info)
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