I have a question about JS on Mac IE. I have a js script that pops up a new window when a <A HREF> is clicked upon. When a new <A HREF> is clicked I close the window and open a new on.

Here is the href in the source page.
<a href="/test4/ContentPane.html#1" onClick="rl_window('/test4/FrameSet.html','1');return document.returnValue">

here is the code.

function rl_window(RL_viewer,posid){

//mouse capture stuff
if (!IE) document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEMOVE)
document.onmousemove = RL_getMouseXY;
RL_window_features = RL_window_resize+","+RL_window_height+","+RL_window_width+","+RL_window_menubar+",screenx="+RL_window_positionX+",screeny="+RL_window_positionY+",left="+RL_window_positionX+",top="+RL_window_positionY+"titlebar=0";

}//end of if testing if window is up

}//end of else

posvalue = posid;
}//end of rl_window

Now the question is ?? this works great in IE and NN on a PC. When I try it on the MAC IE it works well the first time window pops up. When I try and click the second time it throws a js error. How do I get this to work on the MAC? I am out of Ideas. I get a JS error that states "object doesn't support this property or method". HELP I can't fix the IE on MAC.