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    Hi, I'm just starting with Javascript and have very little experience with it, although I do know some other programming languages ok.

    Does anyone have any sample scripts or even tips on how to get an image to mouseover and when clicked will submit a form. (as graphic buttons will not mousover)

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you,

    - Steve

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    JavaScript Help Sites


    There are many many many tutorials on how to do this. Both here and all over the web. You can go to this thread ( for some info on this. Kevin Yank also has a tutorial on this as well, of which you can find in the link above.

    To do the mouse over to submit a form, simply add:

    to the link you want to submit the form.

    If you need more help, let me know. I would suggest that you first do some searches both here and on the web as well. You'd be suprised how much info you'll find.

    Try these exellent sites for more help on javascipt:

    Try these for free scripts:
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