There are users that give feedback about the quality they receive from a prior request they've made.

I would rather not create a username/password scheme for this, since most will only do this a single time. And they may be loose with handling their passwords.

I've considered using other fields to logon with username = email and
"password" = phone # or other such fields, like from a control question
(favorite pet, car, etc) which would insert on a Feedback table, but this sounds weak.

Anybody have better suggestions? Send a form to their email with a clickable link to insert into a Feedback table (rowid passed in email?) Or maybe in CSV format back to me that I would Insert (batch process?) using their email for a rowid match? (downsider being admin time and efforts to process)

One challenge is that these requests they make are carried out over a period of weeks or months to fulfill and this must be complete prior to insert on any Feedback table.