Ok, i have created a table (users) with the follwoing structure

 id int not null primary key auto_increment,
 username varchar(25) UNIQUE NOT NULL,
 password char(16) NOT NULL,

 fname varchar(100) NOT NULL,
 surname varchar(100) NOT NULL
note the password field is char(16). I now store a pass in this using


which stores an encrypted version. All ok so far (i think) but when i use

select * from users where password=PASSWORD('mypass') i recieve nothing

well to be precise i recieve an empty set (no error messages)

edit: i should probbably say that this use to work fine, but i have recently upgraded mysql and am now using mysql-4.1.9-win32 (cant remeber what i had before) and this is on win xp sp2.

Thanks for any help