This problem is occuring on one of the site's using my new open source links database script, ssLinks. The script includes a rating facility which allows users to select a value from 1-10 in a select box - the moment they select a value a piece of javascript submits the form and reloads the page. Unfortunately one of the site's using my script has a problem where when the page reloads all of the images show up as broken links. Refreshing the page again by hitting F5 makes the images re-appear (this is with MSIE 5).

Here's my javascript:
<form action=links.php method=post name=rate1>
<input type=hidden name=action value=rate>
<input type=hidden name=id value=1>
<select name=score size=1 class=small onchange="document.rate1.submit()">
Unfortunately the site in question is an Adult Webmaster's resource site so I can't post the link on this forum. If you want to see the problem for yourself go to the ssLinks demo site and click on the link to "PornoItalia" on the "Site's using ssLinks" page.

If anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening I'd love to hear them.