Hi ,
I need some help from you guys. I am lost and not sure how to accomphish this. My experience is in vfp and I need to convert the following code into either stored procedures or some kind of dts package using activex script or vb. Since I am new to dts, should I be using dts or store procedures. What do I need to do in order for this code to be coverted into sql?

Thanks alot for all the help!!!

Select Counts
go top
do while .not. eof()
replace count.counter with 1
replace count.matchcode with ''
do case
case count.result $ "E101 ,E213 ,E600"
replace count.keyfield with 'supp'

case '' $ count.zip
replace count.zip '0000'
IF seek(counts.id,"Flag")
Select Flag
do while count.id = flag.id
do case
case upper(flag.flag_code) 'del'
replace count.matchcode with 'flag del'
select count