Hi all!

I'm having a problem with a pop up window I've linked to from my index page ( http://www.dirtbikestore.com) for shipping information. Once clicked on and then closed out of - you are not able to click on the link again and moving gifs become frozen.

Basically I've used:
<!-- Hide script from old browsers

function newWindow()
newWindow = window.open("http://web1901.vs.netbenefit.co.uk/Shippingcharges.htm", 'newWindow', 'width=400,height=300,scrollbars=yes')

// End hiding script from old browsers -->

with the link as:
<a href="javascript:newWindow()"><img SRC="shipping.gif" ALT="Click here for details of shipping costs" BORDER=0 height=58 width=282></a></center>

Can anyone throw any light on why this popup is freezing the page?

Any help gratefully recieved!!