Hi, I've posted this on here as the original thread leads towards php. The original theard starts here http://www.sitepointforums.com/showt...threadid=23313

What is sitepoint going to use for its new chat rooms??

The rest of the thread below - cheers in advance.

Cheers chicken - I like your chat. Am I right in thinking that the PHP/Mysql chat software give more flexibility over having board moderators etc?

Have you any ideas for a solution that would not hog server resources - as the reason Hostrocket give as to why they dont support java applets is that the hog the server.

My dilema is this - I've been approached by a group of related sites who want to have a chat room. If I can set a decent one up on my site, then I will get a good amount of traffic as all these sites will link to this one chat room which will have my branding and nav bar at the top. Obviously I don't want to turn this down due to the free taffic I could recieve.

Why is it neccesary to use MySQL ?- which is most likely the reason for heavy server loads. Could you not use cookies to store variables, which are then written to a flat file as an associate array of php variables - old variables deleted after x amount of time??

I use this principal for a 'rate this site' script I wrote (doesn't use cookies) Its extreamly quick and simple - The php array is just called by an include(); the php file, then iterating through the array. As essentially there is not that much data to store it would seem a better solution than all the SQL calls etc.

What are your thoughts - cheers

PS - I'll also put this on the php board as the end part drags off topic.