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    Question msql login problem HELP PLEASE!

    Hi there
    I have recently installed mysql , apache, and php as per the book
    database driven websites
    i have access to command prompt of mysql and can make and use databases
    however i cannot loginto mysql from the webpage
    php is working fine and so is apache
    i can access the webpages from other computers on my home system ok
    and i can access from the comp that has the servers running on it.
    but cant figure out how to connect to database from the webpage
    chap 4 jokes.php
    the sect below shows one of the configs i have tried I have not found out any reference to $dbcnx so not sure why that is there.
    // Connect to the database server
    $dbcnx = @mysql_connect('localhost', 'dad', 'james');
    if (!$dbcnx) {
    exit('<p>Unable to connect to the ' .
    'database server at this time.</p>');

    any ideas would be appreciated
    regards Ron Kirby
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