I am in need of some JavaScript experts help here. I have looked all over the net and have not found what I am looking for.
I am building pop-ups using the'Etc','Etc',heigth, etc, etc,); function or new object call. The popups are linked to urls like so

blah blah blah <a href = '#' onClick = new_win_function_call();>blah blah.

Now I record what XY position the mouse was in when the link was clicked and I then write out the new window out in that position. So it writes a popup window based on where it was clicked. If a new link is clicked I close the window and start the process again of finding the position the mouse and drawing a new window.

This is working well in most browsers. I have been asked to add some functionality which is the subject of my question. Once the pop up is drawn and a user moves it can I some how figure out if the window has been moved? Then when the user clicks on a new word not redraw the window based on the mouse click but on where the window was moved to previously?

I know there is an onmove handler in netscape but I need to work in "of course" most browsers. And I have not been able to get the onmove handler to work anyway. Any help would be greatly apprecatied, I have been on this one for a while.