Hi all,
I'm relatively new in the database administration field. Uptil now I've only tried MySQL together with PHP in a test environment. I would appreciate if someone could answer a couple of question I have regarding commercial use and a secure professional configuration.
Uptil now I've used XAMPP as my installation on my own computer on localhost. Now we'll install the same software package on a server. I guess XAMPP and PHPmyAdmin is not a professional setup right?

1. What is the best recommended and professional setup for commercial use?
2. What is the best GUI for the database?
3. What is Frontend and Backend?
4. Backup setup? Just if anyone have some recomendation.
I've built a web based dynamic Content Management System in PHP and MySQL for internal use. Using the localhost as the developer platform. I've never before built something like this for commercial use.
5. How do best implement this system on our companys server, so we all can use the system?

As I've understood MySQL for commercial use is still free if you not making money on it, right?
Thanks in advance for any guidance on this subject.