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    Ok this is Silent_Assassain reporting in problems on his school's web site. I was assigned to make the schools splash page and I have encountered a "few" problems...

    1). I have made the image...the image consists of a bear paw that has 4 fingers and a round paw on it. The entire image has been mapped so that I can click on each finger and the paw to goto completely different places. But I also want to have a mouse rollover script added to that so that when I scroll over a certain finger for instance it will show up a brandnew finger with the text "Home" on it. The text "Home" would represent where the link would take you if you clicked on the newly added image.

    2). HOW do I do this????

    I want have the entire image mapped all I need to do is just find some way to put in the script. Here is what I have attempted to do. I have made 5 separate images...4 fingers and 1 paw...I have put them all in the web editor (I'm using Claris Home Page 3.0 for Macintosh...but not by choice ) But when I went to upload the images into the editor I couldn't arrange them in the fashion that they need to be. They were either aligned verticaly or horizontaly. But I could never get them to arrange in the specific spots that I needed them. This is all that I have tried and I better get back to my school work now so Peace Out.

    Thx for any help,
    [NAA]Silent_Assassain[NR] Imm nat as
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    you have two choices...

    1) Create a new image for each state of the Paw. So in total you would have 5 images. One for the default "off" state, then one for each finger.

    2) Chop up the image, then use tables to reassemble the paw. You would have more images, but this would be less overhead for the user to download, PLUS you would not need to use the image map any longer as each image would be seperate from the main part of the paw.

    2 would be the best bet.
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