is their a method at all to get it only select XX records from each group?

this is the query
PHP Code:
                SELECT grps.groupidgrps.titlegrps.descriptiongrps.catidgrps_catergories.title AS catnamegrps.approvedgrps.leaderid 
                  FROM grps 
                 LEFT JOIN grps_catergories ON 
(grps_catergories.catid grps.catid
WHERE grps.approved=
                   GROUP BY grps_catergories
                  ORDER BY grps
and i'd like to select a maximum of 10 records from each catid

and example of the catid table would be
 a table (catergories)
   catid   	  title   	  description
   1 	Automotive 	For groups referring to cars, bikes or such
   2 	Computers 	For groups referring to computers, whether hardwar...
   3 	Education 	For groups regarding learning, whether it be help ...
   4 	Entertainment 	For groups surrounding anything entertaining, visu...
   5 	Games 	For groups surrounding games you love, digital or ...
   6 	Health & Fitness 	For groups pertaining to well-being
   7 	Home & Families 	For groups regarding the home life
   8 	Lifestyles 	For groups surrounding lifestyles whether it be go...
   9 	Places & Travel 	For groups referring to towns, cities and holidays
   10 	Religion & Belief 	For groups surrounding christianity, islam, buddis...
 11 	Sports & Recreation 	For groups referring to sports, whether it be Foot...
   12 	Others 	For everything else
these are leftjoined to a groups table so it will display all groups that fall into each catergory, however i went to make it so it shows a maximum of ten records for each catid

i'm wondering if this is possible via MySQL?