I have been running phpdev for some time, but its so out of date, i wanted to upgrade. So I did.
Firstly I upgraded apache, checked everything and it all worked.
Then I upgraded php and again everything works ok.
I then upgraded mysql and phpmyadmin.

When I checked my sites then, I only got blank pages, these are php/mysql sites. I didnt however get database errors which was weird.

In phpmyadmin all my databases show up, I backed up the old SQL folder, and copied everything across from data in the old to data in the new. When i open mysql.bin and ask it to show databases it only shows 'test' and in winmysqldadmin, when I goto the databases tab again it only shows 'test' even though I have about 30 database folders.

Any idea where I should be looking, or what I should be looking at? my.ini file has the
basedir = C:/phpdev/mysql/
datadir = C:/phpdev/mysql/data/
Which is correct so im a bit stumped, any ideas?

Im running Apache 1.3.33, php 4.3.10, and mysql 4.0.23-nt.