Okey, I'll start up a new thread on "best practices" . To get "on" topic again (or within scope).

I still think the best aproach is(after much reading - mostly on java.sun.om, this forum, etc.) a pretty classic MVC with something that goes like this:

HTTP/CLI Request > RequestObject(Holds Request Data) > Front Controller > Pre-Intercepting Filters(Including Action specific) > Application Controller > Action Chain > Action(Untill the action chain is clear) > Application Controller Wrap up(Cleaning up objects, etc.) > View Render > Post-Incercepting Filters(Including Action specific) > Front Controller Wrapup(Cleaning up objecs, etc.) > exit();

Now I'm going to take some time to figure out how to link all these together, what config files are needed, how to build huge "Main"-pages (I have to look into the WACT aproach McGruff - Is there any other way to do it), etc.

What do you guys think about this aproach?(While i like trini0's idea about everything as one big filter chain, I have problems visualising how to build huge pages with that aproach because all the filters are unaware of eachother. To pass data between them they need to know about eachother).