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    Enforcing Constraints (one step further..)


    What I have actually done [in my database design] is to denormalize the relationship between items and the categories / subcategories that they fall into.

    Ex: Each Category has one or more Subcategories (one-to-many enforced by FK in SQL Server). Also, each Subcategory has one or more Items (also enforced by FK in SQL Server).

    What I have done is duplicated the CategoryID in my Items table, thereby producing a scenario where I must manually ensure that if an Item belongs to Subcategory X (and X is in Category Y), that the value that I've duplicated in my Items table matches Y.

    I understand that what I should really do is remove Category from my Items table and let the FK constraints do their job (and I'm considering it), but my question is, is there a way I can continue this duplication of data by using a feature native to SQL Server? More to the point: Of triggers, check constraints (if even possible), and periodic validation queries, is there a reliable way to patch this hole?


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    i'm totally lost, but that could just be me

    how about you show the table layouts?

    also, please explain why you want duplication of data

    this is normally not desirable | @rudydotca
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