I've been using PHP w/ MySQL on a *nix server for years and that's really all I've taken the time to learn because it's all I've needed to develop my sites. Now, I've been presented with a high paying opportunity to develop a database driven site for a large local company. They currently are running a JSP site driven by SQL 2000. They're find moving over to PHP but are stuck on using SQL 2000 on their Win 2000 machine. So, I'm just wondering, how hard would it be to use PHP w/ an SQL 2000 database as well as learn how to interact with SQL 2000. I don't want to come across as a complete idiot to a client and there's the possibility I'll be able to charge them for the time it takes me to learn the new stuff. Are there certain questions I should be asking their IT guys? Is moving from *nix to windows difficult on a server level? Is SQL 2000 fairly easy to grasp considering I have MySQL knowledge?