this is really so strange!
I have a page with a form on it. I do not want the user to be able to modify certain text fields. So in IE I just used readonly. In NS it didn't work. So I created a layer with visibility: hidden and put some text boxes in it. Then, I wrote a small function: every time someone focuses on the text fields or selects their content which they shouldn't be able to modify, the function shifts the focus to the text box withing the hidden layer.
It works perfectly on my hard drive, but once it gets published online, it doesn't work any more (again, ns only problem - what a surprise! ie is fine).
Neither onFocus, nor onSelect even handlers trigger that function. And I cannot really debug, since the javascript console is clean in both cases = the hard drive and online.
that function of switching the focus is in the .js file. But I also have other functions in that .js and they do get executed, so that is not a linking problem.
I have tried copying and pasting the entire content of the .js file into the <head>, and removing <script src="...>, but that didn't change anything. this.blur() doesn't work in Netscape (that's why the solution that I have).
Do you guys have any idea why and how this colud be happening? Or may be somebody has a different idea how to prevent users form modifying the content of a certain text box?