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    Complicated Query - Too Complicated?

    I have query below to determine everything in customers cart before preceeding to check-out. I've tried a few things and thought the best approach is to get everything in a single query, build a dataset, and then create filtered views of it as needed (ASP.NET).

    The query works until I get a product with options and then it doesn't display the products with options. An earlier version displayed two for each one with options.

    Please note the attached table structure.

    Select OrderDetails.OrderDetailID, OrderDetails.ProductID, Products.ProductName, Products.ProductDescription, 
    OrderDetails.Quantity, Products.UnitPrice, OptionDetails.CostAdjust, OptionDetails.OptionDetailName, Options.OptionName 
    From OrderDetails Join Products On Products.ProductID = OrderDetails.ProductID 
    Left Join OrderOptionDetails On OrderDetails.OrderDetailID = OrderOptionDetails.OrderDetailID 
    Left Join OptionDetails On OptionDetails.OptionDetailID = OrderOptionDetails.OptionDetailID 
    Left Join Options On Options.OptionID = OptionDetails.OptionID 
    Where OrderDetails.OrderID = someValue;
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    it's probably your data

    notice in your diagram how OrderDetails is not connected to Product

    yet you are joining thos two in the first join

    if the data is correct, the join will work, but since there is no pk/fk relationship between these two tables, whether the data is right is not controlled by the database | @rudydotca
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