Long time no type. I've been working with this DO WHILE loop all morning and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

If you go to:

Right now the breadcrumb trail says:
home : Bad Boy :

It should say:
home : Artists : Bad Boy :

This is the way my statement reads now:

do {

$query_breadcrumbs = "SELECT * FROM tbl_links_categories WHERE linkcategoryID = $get_categoryID";

echo "<br>$query_breadcrumbs";

$result_breadcrumbs = mysql_query($query_breadcrumbs);


while($row_breadcrumbs = mysql_fetch_array($result_breadcrumbs)) {

$linkcategoryID = $row_breadcrumbs["linkcategoryID"];

$linkcategoryname = $row_breadcrumbs["linkcategoryname"];

$get_categoryID = $row_breadcrumbs["linkcategoryparentID"];

$breadcrumbs .= "<a href=\"?categoryID=$linkcategoryID\">$linkcategoryname</a> : ";

echo "<br>Added $linkcategoryname to breadcrumbs.<br>Now get the name of $get_categoryID.";



while ($get_categoryID == 0);

Basically, I want it to loop until the $get_categoryID == 0.

Any suggestions?