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    home server / wifi / etc.

    hi guys,

    i didn't really feel like this belongs to computer help desk or so, but please share your opinions/knowledge on the following "begginers" issue with me:

    - i live in a house with 4 floors
    - i would like to be able to access the internet no matter where (outside garden included)
    - i would like to be able to share files amongst the PCs / laptops i own or someone brings along
    - i would like to be able to print from any other PC / laptop to a certain printer, locally connected to a specific PC
    - i do not run a company from home, nor am i planning on doing so
    - a dsl internet connection will be installed soon


    - where do i start? - what do i need? (router(wifi?)/server/...)
    - if a server is needed, can i "make" one out of a spare PC? - how?
    - how did you do yours?
    - ...
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    This sounds like CHD to me...

    You're gonna need a heap of stuff, really. Obviously wireless is preferable, but in a house liek that, you'll probably need more than one AP. In my house we run two, and a combination of hubs and switches plugged into our slackware server.
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