hi all

i've been trying to make this query run faster
i tried making it select from a subquery, but that was a little slower

the query is used to select who has voted for me most

  SELECT user_Nick, COUNT( uservotelog_ID ) 
 FROM urban_userlog
 INNER  JOIN urban_uservotelog ON user_ID = uservotelog_VoterUserID
 WHERE user_AccountStatus =  'a'
 AND uservotelog_VoteeUserID =  '1'
 AND uservotelog_Type =  '4'
 GROUP  BY uservotelog_VoterUserID
 ORDER  BY  `COUNT(uservotelog_ID)`  DESC 
user_Nick is indexed in userlog
VoterUserID and VoteeUserID are indexed in uservotelog
the times running through phpmyadmin are about .018 seconds to execute on average
can anyone see a way to get it down a bit