Yeah yeah .. I know I cant delete my .ldb file .. theres lots of posts on this subject. Heres the catch, I know a few tricks and none are working.

I tried throwing a query "select SomeThingThatDoesntExist from TableThatsNotThere" to generate an error. ( I got this off a long time ago ) .. but it doesn't wanna release it.

When I go into access and open it, I tried to compact & repair DB. It is telling me:

"The database is locked by user "ADMIN" on machine MyLaptop"

Well therein lies the problem. User = Admin? Not on this machine buster. I am logged in as "administrator" AND no such user has ever existed on this install of Win XP pro Sp1. I created an account matching the "admin" name. Login, open, compact .. etc and nothing still.

Failed to fix another way > Open access, then select the DB from there and in the dialog you can select that option.

I am getting told I dont have "exclusive access" to my own computer. I want to punch this thing right now. please help. I hate being told I cant do something 10 different ways .. cant even delete it through dos.

EDIT2: Contents of my ldb file seen through notepad ( but cant save a change of course )
COMPU1 admin COMPU1 admin COMPU1 Admin

3 entries for a user name that doesn't exist ( well now it does but it didn't when problem started )