In my portal I use MySQL version 4.1.7 where i can use subquerys but now i need to move my
portal to server where is MySQL version 3.23.58.

This SQL statement should convert to form where is NO subquerys and do it only ONE statement:

select * from ajanvaraus where toimenpidetunnus in(select toimenpidetunnus from toimenpide where kategorianimi = (select distinct kategorianimi from toimenpide where toimenpidetunnus = $tp))";

I managed to convert inner subquery to form:

select taulu2.toimenpidetunnus from toimenpide as taulu1, toimenpide as taulu2 where taulu1.toimenpidetunnus = $tp and taulu1.kategorianimi = taulu2.kategorianimi

now i need to compine my last two querys togehter... but how???

Tiina from Finland,

p.s sorry my bad english