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Thread: need some help

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    Hi all,

    I need some help with a project. Here is an outline..tell me if you need more info. i need to build a form that returns (through php) the following pricing info to the customer based upon the following input.

    I am selling fruit.
    each different type of fruit is assigned to a different classification and there a total of three classifications.

    (and apple and an orange are classification 1
    a banana and a pineapple are classification 2 's
    a mango, pear, and grape are classification 3)

    now, the only other factor is how old the fruit is.

    any fruit that is over 15 days will cost a set amount more.

    i need for the customer to select the type of fruit they want and tell me how old the fruit is.

    whe they hit the submit button, i need to load a page that gives them the 6 or 7 options for shipping (based upon the classification and the age) and how much each option will cost...they can then select one of the shipping options by selecting a radio button and check out.

    the closest example I can get to this to give you an idea would be here

    anyone give me a hand with this?



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    It's a bit late, but if you still need some help you can email me at


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