A question came up on a recent thread (due to various circumstances understood by some I shan't link to it) the thought of a possible way to create a PHP port of Hibernate came up. I thought I would kick things off by starting a new thread to do some brainstorming.

Just to get anyone interested started I'll post a few links so y'all (pardon my vernacular, my wife is from Texas ) can get up to speed. I would like to offer more information than just links but I honestly would have to read up on the technologies before I would purport to make any kind of an authoritative statement on any of them. I just pulled these off of a few quick searches in google, it'll probably save some time for some of you in the same boat as me.

http://www.hibernate.org - The home of Java's Hibernate
http://www.fh-wedel.de/~fi/odb/poet/OQLReference.pdf - A somewhat decent reference on OQL

It has already been noted that one of the harder things to tackle would be that we would need to parse the OQL. The best solution to this would probably be a lexer as Marcus aptly pointed out. Fortunately for us Marcus is quite versed in this area. So he'll be able to give alot more information on that. I'll repost when I have some knowledge worth sharing :P