Hi, i'm a complete beginner and have armed myself with "PHP and MySQL for dummies". Which isn't a bad book. But i'm having alot of trouble creating a database. I'm very lost in fact.

What i want to do

I want to design and implement a web site for owners to advertise properties to rent for student accommodation. I want an authoring system designed for novice users (those who have not previously created a web page). The authoring system will provide property owners with the facility to create attractive pages advertising their properties to rent, incorporating text, images, video and audioclips if required. The system will also also have an interface for officers of the accommodation service to approve entries.

User Requirements

Viewers of the web site

Students looking for accommodation to rent will be able to:

• Search for homes according to a set of criteria which would typically include type(house, apartment, room), location (town, village), number of people the property accommodates, price range (£££s per week), restrictions (e.g. term-time only)

• View availability for required dates

• Contact the owner by email or telephone

• Print out details of a selected property using a printer-friendly format.

People with homes to let

People with homes to let will be able to:
• Register as users of the system and be allocated a login name and password
• Be advised of costs for different sizes of entry and choose an appropriate option
• Follow a simple set of on-line instructions (which can also be printed as a Word or PDF file) which explain how to input their property details.(You may choose to provide templates for different types of page such as front page, property details, tariff and contact details). The instructions must include details of how to insert images and audio and video clips.
• Mark on a calendar the property’s availability over the next year
• Easily edit all the information, particularly the availability schedule and the tariffs
• Remove the whole entry if required

System Manager Interface

The system manager will be able to:
• View a list of all property owners, showing their names, addresses and account status etc.
• Reset user passwords
• Maintain and manage user areas

Accommodation Service Interface

I want a simple interface for the accommodation service so that they can mark entries as ‘approved for student accommodation’, ‘not visited’ or ‘not approved’.

I have come up with this so far. Am i in the right direction, any help would be so gratefull. Many Thanks

ManagerLogin (Primary Key)

OwnerLogin (Primary Key)

OfficerLogin (Primary Key)

PropertCode (Primary Key)
(What the property contains...)