I'm just walking into the world of cookies, and have a few - I guess very basic questions.

I read somewhere that if a sever hosts multiple domains you should add you domain into the setcookie(). Is this correct or unneccessary, and whats the corret syntax for doing so - ie do you use http://www.site.com, www.site.com - or something else.

I would like my cookie to track how many pages a person has visited (therefore I'll have a common include(cookiescript)) at the top of each page. Is this as simple as just getting the cookie variable, incrementing it one and then setting the new cookie?

In the Wrox PHP Beginners Book it says there is no need to call the cookie - the variable is just there to use if sent. However, I've seen something like HTTP_COOKIE_VARS?? - Is there any need to use this with PHP4??

Cheers for the help on this.